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Networking & Comms.
We provide design, installation and maintenance of voice, security and data networks. We provide secure network installations for small, medium and large networks undertaken by a team of highly qualified and experienced network engineers. We have partnered with industry leaders to deliver proven, flexible, and reliable solutions.

Securely connecting your business to the world

Network Consultation

Networking and communications consultation and evaluation is provided free of charge. Once the client’s network requirement and needs are defined, we will provide a formal plan proposal including the pricing and delivery date of the planned implementation.

Network Cabling

Our network services include network hardware, computer hardware, software, cabling, network installation and configuration, and maintenance and support services. We install Cat5, Cat5e, and Cat6 wiring systems, from installation, termination to testing.

Network Equipment

Roen Systems Limited carries all name-brand network equipment, Cisco, 3Com, HP, Intel, just to name a few, ranging from NIC cards, to hubs, switches, and routers. Preferred servers include Dell, Hewlett Packard, and IBM.

Fiber Solutions

We offer our clients complete fibre solutions – from design, installation, completion testing and certification. Typical installation sites include schools, colleges, hospitals, industrial sites and offices.Whether you need a fibre optic backbone for a data cabling system, fibre to the desk or links between buildings or floors. Our experts are ready to undertake any project!

Wireless Solutions

Whether you will have just a few wireless users, or want to take your offices completely wireless, contact us today. We design and install wireless networks to be convenient, reliable, and scalable to your future needs.We start by surveying your site and identifying the best access points for complete coverage of your office space with the least signal interference.

CCTV Systems

Where data network cabling exists, the systems can utilise that to save installation time and cabling cost.The CCTV systems can be viewed remotely using a PC, a tablet or a smart phone allowing the site to be monitored wherever you are and whenever you wish. Most of the cameras available for external use now have infra red built in and so provide good pictures in total darkness.

Network Configuration & Installation

Our certified network specialists have expertise in network server configuration, switches and hubs deployment, IP addressing, router configuration, implementing remote access technology, as well as client stations configuration.

Network Administration

Network administration, including management of user accounts, traffic level monitoring, and network accounting practices. Moreover, we provide utilization analysis, with ongoing measurement of network activity against established network baselines in addition to troubleshooting, fault detection, isolation, repair, and restoration.

Network Maintenance

Network troubleshooting, fault detection, isolation, repair, and restoration.Alarm management, problem diagnosis, and dispatch of service resources.Network backup, including disaster recovery procedures.