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Fire Security Systems
We install and maintain fire security systems comprising of number of devices working together to detect and warn our clients through visual and audio appliances when smoke, fire, carbon monoxide or other emergencies are present.

Let us secure your family, students, clients & business from fire

Fire Protection Detection Systems

Whether you need intelligent or conventional equipment, we supply, install and maintain both. We ensure that all equipment is installed in such a way as to provide maximum protection of your valued goods, property and human life. We supply, install and maintain Fire panels, Mimic panels, Repeater panels, Optical Smoke detectors, Heat detectors, Sounders, Strobes and Siren/ strobe combinations.

Fire Fighting Systems

We supply, install and service all fire extinguishers and hose reels according to the set regulations. We also perform yearly servicing and each client is supplied with a fire register, site report and compliance certificate as required by regulations. We also do recharges of DCP and Co2 extinguishers and perform pressure testing.